About Us

The Fair Trade Sustainability Alliance (FairTSA) is an organization specializing in Fair Trade and social responsibility standard development, ethical supply chain management, and accountable, sustainable community development. We are the only Fair Trade standard holder with an “open” certification system, meaning that every certifier who is interested in working with our standard can do so, provided that they comply with our basic requirements. These can be found on the Producers and Licensees pages respectively. 

Sustainable Community Development is our Passion
FairTSA ensures that the community development associated with our work is accountable and sustainable. To this end, FairTSA has developed its own community development training program and leverages certifiers’ networks, qualified indigenous personnel, and collaborating NGOs to support producer communities in efforts to create decent living conditions while empowering the local communities through the democratic processes. Read morehereSee some of our projects here.

Support for Producers 
Often, Fair Trade and Social Responsibility certifications leave the small producers alone in trying to cope with requirements that are  based on our Western, document-centered “standard and control” culture. When this Western culture meets people in a mostly oral or traditional culture, the results can clash, and mutual misunderstandings are not uncommon. Therefore, we offer our producers support even before they sign up with us – from free seminars, to the assignment of a Producer Relations Manager to help guide through the process.

Dr. Boyer and Dr. Fuchshofen at Expo East 2008

Pictured above is Dr. Boyer (to the right) and Dr. Fuchshofen (to the left), two of the co-founders of FairTSA, at the Expo East in Baltimore in 2008.

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