Community Development Projects

FairTSA facilitates Fair Trade social premium funding, training and mobilizing indigenous community development professionals to support our producer communities as they expand their vision and means to transform their communities.
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PRINCIPLES: FairTSA provides their own expertise and their partners’ alongside indigenous professionals in order to fully support community development projects in our producer communities. Community development professionals facilitate visioning and planning workshops in the producer communities in order to realize their ideal community development projects. A highly empowering, participatory approach is used to engage local leaders and stakeholders. Local achievements, strengths, and resources are appreciated, celebrated, and leveraged. The projects are typically led by project committees accountable to the different stakeholders. FairTSA also deploys certifier partners to conduct annual audits of the use of the Fair Trade funds in the projects. These audits, together with web-based progress reports, stories, photos and video clips provide high accountability to the community development projects. Midway through or at the end of projects, the community is involved in a participatory evaluation, celebration, and planning for the next phase of the community development.

PROCESS:  FairTSA uses a four-phase process to support the community development projects in its producer communities. Steps within these phases are outlined below:

4-phase com dev


• Engage community leaders & register the  community development
• Appreciate past and current community development efforts and intent
• Work with local partners and train their indigenous professionals to support the project


• Convene community, producer & NGO leaders in a Future Search visioning & planning workshop
• Support staffing and “best practice” research
• Support detailed project planning
• Fund implementation


• Achieve a few “Quick Wins”
• Implement according to plan
• Adjust as the situation informs
• Report on implementation via online reports, stories & photos


•  Monitor project progress
• Facilitate Participatory Evaluation & Planning workshop
•  Support the next phase of community development


Community Development Forms

FairTSA Community Development Project Proposal Template

FairTSA Community Development Project Evaluation Template