Who’s Involved: Producers, Licensees, Certifiers 


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Producers may apply directly with their cooperating certifier or with FairTSA. If a producer contacts FairTSA and has no preference regarding a specific certifier they want to work with, FairTSA will send an email to all cooperating certifiers to make an inspection and certification offer for a specific client. The client can then decide with which certifier they want to sign up with. If you want more information, please visit our producer info page.

Licensees are companies that wish to support Fair Trade by selling certified fairly traded products and sell them with our “Certified Fair Trade – fairtsa.org” logo. Any company can apply to become a licensee of FairTSA, and both organic and conventional products can be certified under our standard. If you wish to become a licensee, please visit our licensee info page.

Certifiers: To the best of our knowledge, the FairTSA fair trade system is the only open system for certifiers. What that means is: every certifier willing to comply with our simple and straightforward requirements can certify products as fair trade under our standard. If you would like to apply or if you need more information, please visit our certifier info page.