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Free Producer Seminars

We offer free, web-based producer seminars in both English and Spanish every month. Go to our Training page to see the date of the next seminar, or contact our Producer Relations Manager Jake Makin at with any questions.

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News for Certifiers
& Inspectors

FairTSA has updated Guidance Document No. 3 on Informal Interviews. Informal Interviews are an important tool for inspectors to get unfettered  input from workers regarding all matters concerning employer-employee relations such as amounts and timely payment of wages, occupational health and safety concerns, and input and decision-making regarding community development projects.

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Please read this document before the next inspection. If you don’t have the password please email our Producer Relations Manager Jake Makin at

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The FairTSA Newsletter

We now send out a quarterly newsletter in English, Spanish, and German announcing new business and showcasing exemplary Community Development projects from our Fair Trade certified producers. Stay up to date with FairTSA and read our newsletters here.

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Download the PDF file .