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Biotropic, Dominican Republic

    With heavy rains in the country, BioTropic in the DR had many banana plants damaged and destroyed. This cut production for some time, while the bananas were replanted and growing to maturity. The villages they employ cannot afford the halts in work hurricane seasons brought. The 2017 projects selected at BioTropic spanned from a worker fund to pay out workers through the halt in work, a worker celebration party to keep spirits up, as well as improvements to their church and elementary school. It was decided first that the community park at Villa Lobo Adentro would receive an irrigation system to keep the banana trees healthy through rain and shine. It was approved to also paint and remodel the community church benches, which is an important community hub. A potable water tank was installed at the primary school. Most recently, FairTSA was informed that there is now a worker soccer team which travels the island to compete.

    Finca Villa Lobo is a banana project in the Dominican Republic. In preparation for their Fair Trade certification, the farm workers created the trade union “Asociacion de Trabajadores Finca Villa Lobo.” Since then they have completed different successful Community Development projects.

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   The trade union developed its first Community Development project which was to update its sanitary facilities in the village.

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Here you can watch a video showing Community Development work being done in the Dominican Republic this past year using simple materials and recycled plastic bottles to bring light into family homes!

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 See their next Community Development project proposal, where they obtained passports and work visas for their workers