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Celebes Coconut Corporation, Philippines 

    Celebes Coconut Corporation is a FairTSA Fair Trade certified producer of products derived from coconuts and bananas. Among many other products, the Company produces FairTSA Fair Trade coconut oil, coconut water and other coconut products. Located in Butuan City in the North of the Philippines’ southernmost large island, Mindanao, Celebes buys coconuts from many small farmers of the surrounding villages and towns, who grow the coconuts for the coconut oil mainly in an agroforestry setting.

    For their 2017 Community Development, CELEBES in the Philippines put fourth two initiatives. The first engages with youth education in their community, and the second provides agricultural resources for CELEBES workers and their families. Investment in farming resources started with the distribution of Falcata seedlings to one thousand farmer-members located in Agusan del Norte and Surigao del Norte, in a twofold effort to invigorate their heavily used soil while providing additional sources of income. Falcata wood provides great building material while also improving soil fertility and overall crop yields. Banana suckers were also distributed to another thousand farmers in Misamis Oriental, to provide additional crops for the family’s income. Cacao plants are being distributed as well, providing them another crop to cultivate and sell for additional income.

    While support through additional agricultural opportunities is a great way to provide security to their families, CELEBES in their Fair Trade Community Development goes further, investing in youth education opportunities both at home and afar. For 2016 CELEBES proposed an education initiative to distribute school supplies to local students for the new school year. While the timeline for this endeavor ended up shifting, their investment in scholarship opportunities continues, with their two scholarship recipients entering their fifth year studying Bachelor of Science in Accountancy at Father Saturnino Urios University. CELEBES is looking to the future with these projects, planning further investments in their Cacao project as well as continued scholarship opportunities.
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