Clarke's Organics, Dominican Republic

FairTSA is delighted to be partnered with Clarke's Organics, a coconut producer based in the Dominican Republic. Founded four years ago by Daniel Dalet, this family owned business is a brand new industry in the DR, and one of the premier producers of virgin coconut oil (VCO) in North and South America. Clarke's Organics owns one of our licensees -SoloCoco, based in Miami, FL. These two companies, founded and owned by the same people, ensures nothing less than a top quality production process from growing the coconuts to the finished product-100% organic, unrefined coconut oil.
After researching the best approach to produce top quality oil, Clarke's Organics adopted a process called Direct Micro Expelling (DME) from its inventor, Dr. Dan Etherington, of Kokonut Pacific, Australia. (Also one of FairTSA's producers.) This process preserves the freshness of the oil and leaves a minimal carbon footprint.

Apart from their high quality VCO, Clarke's Organics is committed to supporting their employees, mostly single mothers, through various Social Development Programs. Clarke's Organics is a haven for these mothers, living in a very impoverished area. These extremely hard-working women are very dedicated and proud of their work.
Drying specialists gently work the meal until it is ready
to be  
pressed into delicious DME oil.
The Social Development Programs include:
1. The development of a Copay Fund. This fund is being set up to cover the expenses of medical visits and procedures not covered by health insurance.
2. The development of School Supplies. This fund will cover the out-of-pocket expenses for sending their children to school, i.e. uniforms, notebooks, shoes, etc.
3. The creation of an English Enrichment Center. The third item on the list is longer term as it requires s more funding, but it is all about giving the children of our workers a more significant advantage in life by teaching them English and enhancing their education. This will be free for both our workers and their children.
Clarke's Organics is a stellar example as an employer and their business model of just and fair trading practices.

Clarkes Organics Cover Photo

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