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Clarke’s Organics, Dominican Republic

Clarkes Organics Cover Photo    Our Fair Trade partners Clarke’s Organic in the Dominican Republic are taking strides to grow their business, although their home in the Dominican Republic has seen difficult times lately for their communities lately with torrential rains and historic storms becoming more and more frequent. To that end, sometimes the best way to support our farming communities is with direct economic inputs. This immediately and directly contributes to their livelihoods in the face of incontrovertible hardships such as single parent families or historic environmental catastrophe, when long-term projects are not realistic. The Clarke’s committee of workers decided on straightforward projects to immediately support their community of mostly single parent homes and their children. This was done through an emergency worker fund, and a home improvement fund to be distributed on a case by case basis. The first house in this project has been completed so now a single mother and her daughter have a dry place to call home. Further, Clarke’s is providing school supplies as well as school related interest-free loans to their workforce of single mothers.


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