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Jiangxi Wanzai Organic Foods Co., China

put the black film after plant the ginger 6.jpgjixi   Jiangxi Wanzai Jinjiang Organic Foods Co. is a FairTSA Fair Trace certified producer of ginger products in Wanzai County, Yichun, China. For 2017 the decision-making committee began implementing a project to improve their farmer’s knowledge and infrastructure of sustainable, organic farming with aims of improving productivity and efficiency while easing the manual labor required. This mainly came through removing unnecessary efforts via modernizing equipment and methodology. This thorough project spans from improvements to the technology and techniques of their ginger planting, to orchestrated education through hands-on field trips and indoor classes. This initiative is not only aimed to educate their older demographics of established farmers, but it also aims to bring youth into the agricultural world of sustainable ginger production.

    This project started with a desire to help farmers to improve the efficiency of planting ginger and to reduce unnecessary labors though using machinery, storage, and environmental protection. Examples are using large quantities of black covering on the planted ginger, in order to keep the temperature steady and limit weed growth. In tilling of the land this year Jiangxi Wanzai is using a rented moulding machine to plow trenches and cover the soil. Use of a diesel engine and sprinkler system purchased for watering the plants saves lots of time and effort. Once the ginger is planted and watered, use of a sun-shade net inhibits high temperatures to guarantee productive ginger growth. The purchase of a drum container to help farmers irrigate the ginger and deliver the animal fertilizer to the ginger also optimizes their practice, making it much easier for the plants to grow while reducing the heavy labor required.

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