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Suminter India Organics, India

Suminter_field trip    Suminter in India is working on the development of increased sustainable livelihoods for their member farmers through education and agricultural infrastructure. They also are supporting the youth of their agricultural communities through a solar lantern distribution project, which hopes to reduce eye problems arising from low light situations, enabling students to study after daylight hours. A decision-making committee comprising of 20 farmers representing all clusters of the FairTSA associated farmer communities meet every 6 months to check in and discuss their Fair Trade Community Development. The trip planned for farmer representatives was completed January through May of this year, with workshops and field trips to different informative locations. Working toward both reduced dependency on external input sources in their agriculture and educating opportunities both strengthens the farming community while providing further opportunities for motivated youth.

The field trips hosted a total thirty five farmer representatives over four day spans. There were trainings regarding farming techniques in water conservation, mulching methods to reduce water inputs, as well as a showcase of different technological advancements in food processing which will be applied to their own practice. In addition to the education, the FairTSA Fair Trade funding provided a poly water harvesting structure, as well as development of their community processing center to increase its rate, and therefore increase the income of the farmers.

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