Social Responsibility Certification

While our heart is in supporting livable and sustainable rural communities, we recognize that in some situations the transition to full-fledged Fair Trade conditions is difficult to achieve. This is especially true for small and medium-sized companies with a varied product portfolio. Therefore, one option FairTSA offers is basic Social Responsibility Certification under its Fair Trade standard. Our standard covers all usual and customary social responsibility requirements such as the prohibition of child labor, fair labor practices including the right to unionize or create worker committees, safe working conditions for farm workers and workers in processing facilities alike.  In industrial  Social Responsibility Certification, the cost for the certification is often borne by the producers. Big producers can cover that cost easily, while it may be a problem for smaller producers and farmers. Therefore, we insist that costs for Social Responsibility Certification under our program be borne by the processors in the country of origin or the buyers in the countries of the industrialized North.